About US

My name is Jake. And I’m a football-addict.

I like to think I take my love of football to the level of ‘extremely passionate’, but I’m sure others would consider it to be well down the ‘obsessive’ path (my wife included!). I can’t help it – I’ve been involved with the sport in one form or another since I was four years old (player, coach, referee, supporter, armchair expert). Along the way I’ve also played most mainstream sports you can throw at me (cricket, tennis, golf, basketball, futsal, rugby league, squash, table tennis, athletics, swimming), but the mainstay has always been football.

Over the years I found ways to be involved in football outside of direct involvement in the gameplay itself, and I started running tipping competitions for major tournaments (e.g. FIFA World Cups), just for a bit of fun for friends and family. Somewhere along the line I became a self-taught Microsoft Excel nerd, and each season I would improve the model I was using to add more cool functionality, and make it more interesting for the participants.

(Possibly) interesting side note – my actual career (no I wasn’t good enough to become a professional footballer!) is heavily dependent on my expertise and ability to do some pretty cool and crazy things with Excel, and it all started because I wanted to run some football competitions and forced myself to learn!

It became clear very quickly that interest in the major tournaments was easy to maintain, because they only last for around a month. However, trying to keep people interested in a tipping competition for a full 38 Round season of the English Premier League was another matter, and many people would drop out.

And from that frustration, Ladder Tipping was born. A tipping competition where a participant could enter their tips in five minutes at the start of the season when motivation and interest was high, and then sit back and just check the updates from time to time throughout the year. No need to enter tips every week, no need to keep up with the form or scheduling of a team, or the injury lists. Just tip once and you’re done!

For years now I’ve organised and run Ladder Tipping using Excel for a small group of friends, and I love it. The excitement and intrigue of Ladder Tipping tends to follow the natural high and low points of a regular season (high interest at the start and end of a season, while continuing steadily in the middle of the season). And of course it aligns with my love of the sport itself!

The purpose of Ladder Tipping is to allow friends, families, colleagues, fellow sports fans and strangers to get a little more excitement out of their sport, while making it very easy and quick to participate. Plus, who doesn’t love bragging rights?!

But being a football fan first and foremost does not preclude me from being a sports fan in general, and I recognise that there will be people out there who have the same level of fanaticism for other sports, that I do for football. For that reason, the time has come to open up Ladder Tipping, and to invite other sports-lovers into the fold.

If you find that you can relate to any of the following, then Ladder Tipping might just be for you:
  • I just love sport. I don’t care what it is, if it’s competitive I’ll watch it! My weekend revolves around the big games, and major life events must be scheduled during the off-season!
  • Football? Don’t you mean soccer? That’s a game for divers and pansies. These guys need to watch a real sport like NRL and/or AFL! Jake: clearly not my opinion, but I’ve heard it plenty of times before.
  • I’m a casual sports fan, but always lose track of things part way through the season and forget to enter my weekly tips. So I lose interest.
  • I don’t know enough about the sport or the teams, and don’t have the time to spend figuring it out. Jake: Before launching this site, I had run and participated in Ladder Tipping for eight years, and never came close to winning anything. On the other hand, multiple times I’ve had first-timers guess their tips in five minutes and win the whole thing. If you can order a list of teams from 1 to 20, you can play Ladder Tipping!
  • I’m not too fussed on sports, but a bunch of mates or a group at work are starting up a competition. I may as well get involved!
  • I do enjoy bragging rights…
So Ladder Tipping will provide something for most people, and I hope those of you that give it a chance enjoy it.